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November 8, 2012
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Bea's Updated character description by PurpleBea Bea's Updated character description by PurpleBea
Main Info:
Name: Bea
Age: 7
Birthday: June 30th
Gender: Female
Alignment: Moral Confused

Bea has brown hair, purple eyes, and has slightly dark skin. Her wardrobe is a dark purple T-Shirt with a balck stripe in the middle, black pants, two black bracelets (one on each arm), purple converse with magenta hearts on them, and a purple ribbon to tie her ponytail. She is also 79 inches tall, and is about ten pounds underweight. She doesn't smile very often either.

Bea is quite cynical, pessimistic, lonely, and quiet. She can also be sarcastic and bitchy when she's pissed or when she needs to be. She can be quite vain and stuck up, but once you get to know her, she'll treat you like her best friend. She is also very intelligent.

Mother-Catherine. She is the one who created Bea with chemical X and some other ingredients (I still thinking of what she was made of). Catherine really loves her daughter like she is the best thing on the planet. She is very kind and polite, but can get angry when needed to. She works as a scientist, who is 35.
Father-Robert. He is a comedian who doesn't really take very dangerous situations seriously. He likes to tease both of his daughters playfully. He isn't too bright, and doesn't always understand certain things unless they are explained to him. He is 36.
Older sister-Ella. She is a bit of a snob, and she is kind of shallow and sometimes only thinks about herself. She often gets jealous of Bea because she thinks her mother is giving her all the attention. But her mother loves her just the same. Ella is a freshman in high school, and she is 14.

Canon: None. XD
Roleplay: Blazer, Brash, Pyro, Belda, Cream, Bloom, Hope, Buster, Bellicose, Blitz, Beaker, Braxton, Bizarre, Bree, Brell, Brooke.
Love interest: She has a small crush on Butch JoJo, but he probably does not like her in that way. But if he DOES has feelings for her, they are not known. He probably wouldn't like her anyway.
Hate Interest: Berserk Plutonium. She dislikes her because in Bea's view, she is dumb, nasty, mean, and a trouble maker.

Dogs (mostly Golden Retrievers), purple, chocolate, swimming, drawing (though she is terrible at it), Butch, and Avenge Sevenfold. She is also a Owl City fan.

VERY mean people, uneducated people, getting dirty, being separated from people she normally spends time with, and Justin Bieber. (but i love him <3 )

She has standard PPG powers. Bea is an electric/psychic type puff. She can control electric objects with her mind. But sometimes, these powers won't work for some reason, during a fight with an evil villain.

She is kind of clumsy, and can get embarrassed easily after an accident. Sometimes, most of her powers will not work in serious situations, and she ends up getting defeated by a villain. She is kind of a loser, and isn't really known around Townsville.


So yeah, I just wanted to update her description a little. I might make her an ask account soon. I'm still deciding on it.

Bea,(mentioned OCs) Buster, Hope, Cream, and the picture are mine.

Mentioned OCs:
Blazer and Belicose-~Powerpuffgirl89
Blitz, Beaker, and Braxton-~sugarkitty123
Bree, Brell, and Brooke-~rrbppgfan9
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